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Halifax Community College

Timothy Davis
English Instructor

Building: Dr. Phillip W. Taylor Complex (100bldg)
Office: 103A

Telephone: (252) 536-7247
Email address: tdavis946@halifaxcc.edu

Mailing Address:
Halifax Community College
100 College Drive
Weldon, NC 27890
Timothy Davis
Personal Profile: LinkedIn

Educational Philosophy: As an instructor, I am not only there as a mentor, but also as a resource for my students. I am one of the keys to their success not just in our class, but for the duration of their academic program and after college. Beyond being just a person who speaks in front of class, a teacher should be there for his or her students. An instructor should be a professional in whatever field he or she teaches, and said instructor should treat his or her students as professionals as well. For example, if I am teaching a writing class, then my students are "writers" and I stress they are not just writing to the teacher, but are engaging in the academic community as professionals.

In composition and developmental writing classes, I engage students through a series of essays, but I also focus on group-centered activities that help build on skills the students will need for other classes. For example, something as simple as a Mad Lib will help students learn the parts of speech. Other class assignments include peer editing groups, in-class writing assignments, and skill assignments that focus on certain grammatical (e.g., commas and semicolons) or formatting elements (e.g., APA). I especially focus on engagement in my online classes, and I found the most successful students have a teacher who is fully engaged and participating in that environment with them.

A few years ago, I took this philosophy a little further and made my students "APA Black Belts." Since most of the colleges I teach for use the American Psychological Association style for formatting, I wanted a method for students to not only learn APA, but for them to have fun learning it. Of course, we aren't chopping boards or breaking bricks in class, but we are going into a paper that is full of APA mistakes and the students were correcting those mistakes and looking up the information in their APA guide. I call this method the "APA Black Belt" system, and I received Faculty of the Quarter for introducing it at Broadview University.

By the semester's end, students see their writing is always a work in progress by tracking their revisions through the peer review process and by utilizing me as a resource. As the students learn to adapt their writing to different audiences, I continue to learn new things about teaching and about myself as an educator with every class.

My ultimate goal is to make students better communicators and give them confidence in their ability to write. I also want to bridge the digital divide and fight the scourge of aliteracy.

Credentials: BA , English with an emphasis in creative writing, Idaho State University, 2005; MFA, Fiction, Boise State University, 2010


The Slag Review ("An Army of Dogs," Winter 2017, Issue 3)
The Slag Review ("The Bombdigity," Fall 2016, Issue 2)
"The Building" (in Flash Flood Journal)
Flash: The International Short-Story Magazine ("Black Mamba," volume 8, issue 2)
"Barren" (In the Cabin's Writers in the Attic: Animal anthology, September 2015)
Shotgun Honey ("Another Day at First National," October 20, 2014)
Cold-Drill ("Variable Degrees," issue 38)
Plain Spoke ("Lotto," volume 1, no. 1, spring 2007)
Black Rock and Sage ("A Boyhood Dream" and "Stone Roses", 2002; "Ye Ol' Tool Shed," 2003; "Church Camp," and "When We Go to Myanmar,"2004; and "The Horns of Power," 2005)
The Storyteller ("Sorrow," Jul./Aug./Sep. 2001 and "R.V.S.P.," Oct./Nov./Dec. 2001)

Honors and Awards:

Faculty of the Month, Halifax Community College, December 2016
Cracked Flash Fiction Competition, May 4, 2016, "The Orchard" (http://crackedflash.blogspot.com/2016/05/year-1-week-39-results.html)
Writing by Writers contest, February 2014 (http://writingxwriters.org/writing-contest/)
Faculty of the Quarter, Broadview University – Boise, spring 2013
Greek Man of the Year, ISU, 2004
Army Achievement Medal, Fort Knox, Regional Corrections Facility, 1998 and 1999

Subjects Taught: DRE 098, Integrated Reading and Writing III, ENG 111, Writing and Inquiry, ENG 112, Writing and Research in the Disciplines

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