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Halifax Community College

Christopher D. Wright
Fine Arts Instructor

Building: Dr. Phillip W. Taylor Complex (the 100 Building)
Office: 112B

Telephone: (252) 536-5463
Email address: cwright395@halifaxcc.edu

Mailing Address:
Halifax Community College
100 College Drive
Weldon, NC 27890

Educational Philosophy:
I believe that true learning starts when people are inspired to learn. If the student sees no relevance or need in what they are being taught, he or she will be hard pressed to find the motivation to incorporate it into his or her life. Since I teach classes that are not within the immediate scope of my students' majors (we don't offer a music or film major at HCC) I try to first of all convince my students that the arts have a role in society, that they do serve a purpose. I try to show them how the arts teach us about our humanity, our strengths, our weaknesses, and help us figure out who were are deep down inside. I try to challenge my students to expand their horizons of interests, to divorce themselves from those prejudices we all seem to lean towards when it comes to our tastes in the arts, and to realize the beautiful diversity that populates our world. In the end, I am not so much worried that my students remember the exact dates of the Baroque Period but that they experienced a class that challenged them, inspired them, enlightened them, and encouraged them to explore more facets of life, making them overall better, more cultured people.

Personal Profile:
Christopher Wright is a native of the Roanoke Rapids area, and a graduate of Roanoke Rapids High School. He attained a Bachelor's degree in music composition from Campbell University in 1999. He then returned to Roanoke Rapids where he taught piano for a year. In the fall of 2000, Mr. Wright began attending the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, NC where he studied under veteran film composer David McHugh and acquired a Master's degree in film music composition. In 2002, Mr. Wright wrote and orchestrated the score for a feature-length film called THE LAST SUMMER, which won a Remi award at Worldfest in 2004. Mr. Wright also worked on the DVD children's film Hermie: A Common Caterpillar starring the voice talent of Tim Conway and Don Knotts. After moving back to Roanoke Rapids a second time, Mr. Wright taught over two years in the public school system in Emporia, VA. He was also hired on a part-time basis with HCC. In 2005 Mr. Wright moved to a full-time position with HCC as Department Head of Fine Arts. He has three children, one boy and two girls.

Music Appreciation, Introduction to Film, History of Rock, College Student Success, Improving Study Skills


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