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Halifax Community College

Clifford Jones
Advertising & Graphic Design Instructor

Building: Dr. Phillip W. Taylor Complex (the 100 Building)
Office: 138

Telephone: (252) 536-7267
Email address: cjones232@halifaxcc.edu

Mailing Address:
Halifax Community College
100 College Drive
Weldon, NC 27890

Educational Philosophy:
As a graphic design teacher, I will expect diligence and excellence from my students. I believe it is my task to help them become capable designers, and to help them develop strong critical thinking skills. Not only do I want to prepare them for their careers in design (be it working for a firm, starting their own freelance business, or going on to graduate school), but I also want to instill in them a passion and enthusiasm for the discipline as a whole. I believe exposing students to many different type of design software, methods, techniques, design examples and relevant historical context is an important part of their education. Furthermore, teaching students how to discover and articulate their problem (the elements and facets that most interest them) in a given design problem will help them succeed as designers long after the novelty of working with clients has worn off. I hope my work and ideas will inspire my students, and that in turn, their work and ideas will inspire me, creating a feedback loop. The connections and insights that occur in a collaborative studio atmosphere can be both meaningful and powerful—I strongly advocate this type of engagement. I hope to foster and facilitate an open studio atmosphere in the classroom to help students share with and learn from each other.


Personal Profile:
Clifford was born and raised in the city of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Took Commercial Art and Advertising Design at Halifax Community College. After graduating, he continued his studies in the art field, taking computer animation at the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was the creative director for 8 years at our local Newspaper, later became a teacher at HCC. Mr. Jones continued his education at Bellevue University for his BA in Graphic Design. However, while his expertise in graphic design is significant, he understand that being an expert in this field is something one must continuously work toward—his design education and professional development will never really be finished.

GRA 151 - Computer Graphics I
GRA 152 - Computer Graphic II
GRD 131 - Illustration
GRD 271 - Multimedia I
GRD 272 - Multimedia II
DES 135 - Print & Elements of Design I
GRD 241 Graphic Design III


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