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Pictured are (seated, from left to right) Tyrrell D. Boone, an Associate of Arts major (College Transfer Program--Sport Management)and Joshua R. Gardner, an Associate of Science major (College Transfer Program--Chemical  Engineering). (Seated in background left to right)Kourtney M. Mills, Pre-Registered Nursing Program, and Bryanna I. Carroll, Medical Office Administration. (Standing in background) China Wade, Pre-Licensed Practical Nursing Program and  Perry Evans, Paralegal Technology Program.

Halifax Community College Admissions

1. How do I apply for school?

  • The admissions process consists of
    1. Completing the HCC College Application. This application is located on our web site at www.halifaxcc.edu and can be completed at our Halifax Community College (HCC) campus or on the CFNC.ORG website
    2. Submit final official high school and, if applicable, college transcripts and GED scores

    3. Provide a signed copy of social security card

    4. Complete the placement test(s) if required
      -Reading, Writing, and Math

      The first three steps (1, 2, and 3) must be completed before taking the college placement test.

      Note: An SAT score of 500 or higher in Critical Reading /Writing and / or Math may be used in lieu of an HCC placement test.

2. When should I apply?

  • The process of obtaining all of your paperwork can take weeks

  • We encourage you to apply early to complete the full admission requirement steps before the registration period begins.

3. How much does it cost to apply?

  • HCC does not charge an application fee

4. I completed my application, what else do I need to do for full admission?

  • A photo copy of a signed Social Security card

  • An official copy of your high school transcript sent directly from your high school to our admissions office OR an official transcript of other high school completion (GED scores). Sealed official transcripts may be hand delivered by the applicant

  • An official transcript from all college(s) you have attended, whether you graduated or not

  • Placement test scores within one year or official SAT scores with 500 or above on the critical reading and writing sections and 500 or above on the math section within the last (5) five years

5. What if I don't have any test scores?

  • HCC offers the Accuplacer Placement Test

  • HCC will accept Accuplacer scores from other institutions that are five years current.

  • Contact the Testing Coordinator’s office at (252) 536-7254 for testing appointment

  • The test is offered multiple times each week: morning, afternoon, or evening Requirements for Placement Test and Schedule

6. When will I be approved or accepted for the program I want?


    We must receive:


  • Application for admission

  • Photo copy of your signed social security card

  • All final official transcripts and all other college transcripts (if applicable and whether or not your completed the college)

  • Placement test scores (if applicable)  


If you are applying for Financial Aid and are eligible, you must be officially accepted to HCC to be awarded.  See Financial Aid for additional information.


Some programs are referred to as Selective Admissions programs and require additional standards to the "open door policy" philosophy.  Please refer to Selective Admissions for these particular programs.


7. How long are placement test results valid?

  • The Accuplacer test is valid for five (5) year if you do not enroll at Halifax Community College or another institution of higher learning

  • If you have been continuously enrolled in an institution of higher learning, placement test results are valid for two (2) years

8. What if am undecided about a program of study, who should I talk to about my career 


  • You may call (252) 536-7203 or (252) 536-7207 or come by Suite 323 to speak with a Counselor.

9. Do you accept faxed copies of transcripts? No.

  • A transcript is an "official transcript" when it is received by Halifax Community College through the mail directly from the:

  1. High school, college, or other institution

  2. Official transcripts must be sent or hand carried by the applicant in a sealed envelope

  3. Official transcripts have a seal imprint of the sending institution

10. Do I request my transcripts to be sent, or does the college request them for me?

  • It is the student's responsibility to request and meet all admissions requirements

11. If I have not attended for a semester, do I need to reapply?

  • An application for readmission is required for all students if two (2) consecutive semesters or more have elapsed since last enrollment. This excludes summer school session

  • You will not have to re-submit new transcripts unless you attended another institution  not in your HCC file

  • If it has been longer than 5 years, you may be required to submit new transcripts

12. Can I just take a class and not pursue a program? Yes

  • Students can take a class and not pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate program. Students will enroll as a "Special Student”

  • “Special Students” need only to complete an application and provide a signed copy of a Social Security card. You must meet all prerequisite and/or co requisite requirements for each course, if applicable

  • “Special Students” are not eligible to receive financial aid or veterans' benefits

  • “Special Students” who later decide to pursue a program must complete all of the admission requirements of their declared program

13. I'm a student at another college/university. Can I take a class at Halifax Community

      College and transfer the course to my institution? Yes.

  • Students transferring their HCC course to another institution will apply as a "Special Student”

  • Students are urged to check with their institution prior to taking the course to ensure the course is transferable

  • An official transcript must be provided to document prerequisite(s) before enrollment into a HCC course

  • The courses that you transfer to your institution must generally be a “C” grade or higher

14. I have been living in North Carolina for less than 12 months. Am I a North Carolina

      resident? To qualify as a resident for tuition purposes:

  • Individual must have established legal residence in North Carolina and maintained that legal residence for at least 12 consecutive months prior to applying to HCC

  • Furthermore an individual must establish that his or her presence in North Carolina currently is, and during the 12 month consecutive qualifying period, was for purposes of maintaining a bona fide domicile rather than maintaining temporary residence to enroll in an institution of higher education

  • Chapter 116-143.1 of the NC General Statutes covers requirements for resident status and in-state tuition purposes

15. Can I have a printed copy of the college catalog? Yes,


We do distribute:


  • Printed copies of the college catalog

  • CDs of the college catalog

  • You can view the college catalog on our website at www.halifaxcc.edu.

  • Request printed or CD catalog on Feedback Page

16. If I need assistance with admissions, who do I contact?

  • You may contact our admissions office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • If you have questions, you may call (252) 536-2551

  • If you have questions about the process, you may find additional information at our website at www.halifaxcc.edu

17. Do programs have specific admission requirements? Yes.

The listed programs below will have specific admission requirements:

  • Licensed Practical Nurse, and Registered Nurse

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Medical Laboratory Technician

  • Phlebotomy

  • Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)


Please refer to www.halifaxcc.edu Programs of Study for more information

18. Do Work Force and Economic Development courses provide college credits? No.


  • Work Force and Economic Development courses are non-college-credit courses that provide life-long opportunities for adults 18 years or older and are available at convenient locations

19. What does Career and College Placement mean?

  • Under certain conditions, North Carolina public, private, and home-schooled high school students 16 years of age may enroll tuition-free in specific courses at HCC while enrolled in high school providing they meet course prerequisites or co requisites

  • Career and College Placement students can obtain an “Career and College Placement” form from the Guidance Counselor at their school


Please Contact Ms. Jennifer Jones

for Career and College Placement Advising at (252) 536-7203


20.  Do you provide Scholarships? Yes.


  • The HCC Foundation provides scholarships to qualified applicants

  • The scholarship program consists of two types of awards: Merit based and Needs based

  • Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis applying the following criteria:

            Academic excellence, Achievement, Leadership qualities, Need or other criteria as

            stipulated by donors


      Contact the HCC College Foundation Office at (252) 536-7319 for more information.

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