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Application for Admission

Residency Determination Service is used to determine North Carolina Residency. It is required for all students to submit an RDS application before applying to Halifax Community College to determine in-state or out of state residency for tuition purposes.

Please visit https://ncresidency.cfnc.org/residencyInfo/ to apply for residency.


Mail the Printable Application to:

Admissions Halifax Community College
100 College Drive
Weldon NC 27890
or take it to the Admissions office in the 300 Building. Please do not fax the application.

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  • Complete an admissions application by filling out the printable application below, applying online, or in person in Room 307 or Room 312. For paper applications, a copy of your Social Security card must be included.
  • Complete and send your high school or college transcript request forms to your previous schools or college. Admissions requires that these documents be in your file prior to registration. Financial aid requires the same documents before Pell Grant awarded.
  • Sign up for a placement test in Room 335. Unless you have college credits that may waiver it, you must take the placement test. You may re-test under certain conditions. For more information on re-testing contact Shreail Hinton in Room 314 or call (252) 538-4301.
  • To change your major or for career information, go to Room 312 or call 536-7203 or 536-7207.
  • Need help paying for college? Apply for Financial Aid right away, if needed, in Room 337 (300 Building). There are several forms to complete and documents that you must provide before your award can be determined. It is your responsibility to complete this process.
  • See your academic advisor to register for classes. The Admission's office assigns your advisor. If you are unsure of whom your advisor is, go to Room 312 (300 Building).


  • Find out registration dates and times.
  • Check on your financial aid progress!!
  • You must pick up your official schedule at the cashier's office. You are not enrolled until you go to the cashier's office.

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