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Halifax Community College

Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)


The Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program is provided through a structured law enforcement academy environment of sixteen weeks with instruction in thirty-three topic blocks. Successful completion enables the cadet to qualify as a certified law enforcement officer in North Carolina for employment at the state, county, or municipal level. The requirements, curriculum, regimen, and accreditation standards are set and controlled by the North Carolina Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Standards Division. Halifax Community College is one of the state’s accredited BLET training academy sites. The BLET program earns the graduate 19 semester hours of academic credits.


Academy Sessions

The college offers at least two BLET academy sessions per year; the fall semester session begins in August and graduates in December and the spring semester begins in January and graduates in May annually.

Academy classes are typically from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday with some evening and weekend classes (may offer night and weekend classes if when there is enough interest). Tardiness or absences from class are unacceptable.


Basic Admission Requirements

  1. Twenty-years of age by the time the academy begins. A special waiver may be obtained if the applicant’s 20th birthday falls during the academy.
  2. High school or GED graduate.
  3. No serious criminal history (any applicant whose background would make them ineligible for employment as a sworn North Carolina law enforcement officer would be ineligible to enroll in the BLET program).
  4. No DUI charges.
  5. Sponsorship by either a sheriff or chief of police.


Additional Admission Requirements & Related Forms

Each candidate will receive a BLET application packet which contains the following forms and other application requirements, all of which must be completed and returned to the Director of Criminal Justice in order to reserve the cadet a seat in the next upcoming academy session:

  1. Halifax Community College application
  2. Sponsorship form
  3. State form F-1 (medical history statement)
  4. State form F-2 (medical examination form)
  5. State form F-3 (personal history statement)
  6. Copy of driver’s license and social security card
  7. Transcript from high school or GED
  8. Criminal history check from each county of residence since the age of sixteen
  9. Certified copy of DMV driver history
  10. BLET expense data sheet
  11. Applicant check list


Application Submission Deadline

Applicants for an upcoming BLET academy class must have all forms and application processes completed and turned in no later than August 1st or January 2nd depending on which semester class the applicant plans to attend. Class size is limited and individual seats are reserved based on receipt of all required application materials.

It is never too soon in advance of an academy start-up date for anyone interested in attending the class to schedule an appointment with the Director of Criminal Justice to receive the application package and begin the process leading to certification and employment as a law enforcement officer.


Academy Costs

The cost for a cadet to attend the BLET program is approximately as follows:

HCC Student Fee   59.00
BLET Books and Supplies   489.00
Cadet Uniforms   259.00
Approximate Total Cost   807.00


General Information

The BLET program includes physical training and requires physical activities which may be strenuous, therefore it is advised that cadets selected to attend the program begin an exercise program prior to the beginning of the academy, Especially if an exercise routine is not part of one’s normal activity.


Preparing for the Job Related Physical Ability Test

Click here for information on the Job Related Physical Ability Test (JRPAT).

Click here for information on the Police Officer's Physical Agility Test (POPAT)..



Uniforms are required daily wear for cadets attending the BLET academy. It is required each cadet daily wear a clean, pressed uniform ; only uniforms from approved vendors are allowed. However, the number of various uniform parts is left to the discretion of the student.


Contact Information

For additional information about the Basic Law Enforcement training program, or to schedule an appointment to receive the Basic Law Enforcement application package, contact:

Greg Parker
Director of Law Enforcement Training
Halifax Community College
P.O. Drawer 809
Weldon, North Carolina 27890

PHONE: 252. 536.7279 (office)
EMAIL: gparker347@halifaxcc.edu