Automotive Technology

Required Tool List for Automotive

The following is the required tool list for this course (click here to download list):

  (1) Lockable tool box
  (2) Pliers: Diagonal Pliers, Needle Nose, Slip Joint, and Channel Locks
  (3) Safety Glasses
  (4) Wire Strippers
  (5) A Digital Volt-Ohm Meter
a. Minimum 10 Megaohms impendence
b. Capable of measuring milliamps
c. Capable of measuring low resistance (example, a 200 ohm scale)
  (6) Wrenches
8mm-19mm combination wrenches (open-end on one end and box-end on the other)
  (7) Sockets:
a. 3/8" drive 8-19mm shallow
b. 3/8" drive 10mm-18mm deep
c. 1/2" 10mm-24mm shallow
d. 1/2" 10mm-19mm deep
e. 1/4" 4mm-12mm shallow
f. 1/4" 6mm-14mm deep
   (8) Ratchets
a. 1/4" drive
b. 3/8" drive
c. 1/2" drive
  (9) Extension
a. 1/2" drive
i. 6" extension
ii. 15" extension
b. 3/8" drive
i. 6" extension
c. 1/4" drive
i. 3" extension
ii. 6" extension
  (10) Nut driver, 1/4 inch
  (11) Screwdriver set (Phillips, standard)